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Q U I T   N O W

Are you ready to take back your life

Are you ready to improve your relationships?

Are you ready to boost your health and have more energy?

Are you ready to save your money and spend it on what you actually want?

Hypnosis success rate for QUIT smoking is 90% effective, compared to

Patches 7%, Willpower 11%, Acupuncture 24%

Why is QUITTING so hard?   If you're a smoker, you have most likely tried or thought about quitting.

Maybe you have used nicotine patches, gums or worse still, anti-depressants.  Although anti-depressants can help with smoking cessation, they also affect your neuro- transmitters that are responsible for stress management and feeling good (serotonin, dopamine).  They also have a negative effect on hormone regulation, particularly for women.




Smoking is unconscious behaviour. It is the need that smoking fills, at the most basic unconscious level that is addictive. 

From the perspective of your unconscious mind, smoking is a smoke screen that you create around yourself in an attempt to protect yourself from something.  

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Do you know WHY you smoke? I mean really know?


It's nothing to do with willpower or being weak.


The knowing WHY is ALWAYS unconscious.  Since you cannot be consciously conscious,  (ie you don't know what you don't know) getting help from a professional hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner will get to the root cause of the problem, so that it can be unstuck (at the unconscious level), and you can achieve your goal of being a NON-smoker for LIFE.


My QUIT Smoking program is a one - off session, where you will be convincing me that you are a NON-Smoker by the end.

Are you ready to take action to get back your life?  To save your money, your time, your health and relationships  NOW?

How would you like to take a $11,000 a year holiday?

What would you do with an extra $11,000 a year?


If you buy 1 packet of 25 cigarettes per day, at $30 a pack,

that's $11,000 per year to maintain your habit.


Over 10 years, that's $110,000. 


Over 30 years, $330,000 (you could have bought a Ferrari F8 Spider)

or taken your family on 10 world trips)!


Are you ready to change your life and be a NON -Smoker?

Personalised one -off hypnosis sessions are designed to create immediate and massive change in the way you think and feel about smoking. 



  • Intake & Pre-Session Questions 


SESSION                       (up to 2.5 hours)

  • Benefits

  • Parts

  • Triggers

  • New behaviours

  • Techniques

  • Testing 


POST PROGRAM                  

  • Tasking 

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