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Perfectly Good Enough - Letting go of judgement

Let’s first clarify what Good Enough is NOT. Good Enough is not half finished, half- arsed work.

Good Enough is about letting go of perfection.


As a self proclaimed "perfectionist" keeping what is important, important" is a massive lesson for me.

Good Enough is about knowing that although the work may not be perfect, it still respects the intellect of your audience. It may not be exactly what I envisioned, but it’s good enough to deserve their investment of time.

Sometimes when the work is imperfect, people will tell you so... and that's ok... in fact, it shows they are invested and engaged in contributing to the overall outcome.

The principle of “good enough” relates to identifying the point past which putting more resources into doing something won’t improve it in a meaningful way.

Getting the balance of "good enough" right is an art. Getting others involved to provide feedback can sometimes be uncomfortable, however it's always worth it. This engagement can be particularly important during times of change and when bringing others along for the journey (this can relate to your personal journey or a more broad, organisational transformative change program).

When implementing the “good enough” principle, decide at what point your efficiency, in terms of cost/benefit ratio, becomes low enough that putting in additional work will not produce enough benefit to be worth it.

Let go of your internal judgement

Know that “imperfection” creates opportunity - not just within the work context, but yourself. You’ll be happier embracing your faults and allowing others to help you.

Trust yourself to be yourself - own your story and be vulnerable. Open up and create opportunities to show your human side.

Practice loving yourself - give your heart and happiness the attention you give your career and success. Being happier leads to fulfilment and fulfilment leads to success.

Accept your authentic self and let go of what others think - being authentic is about letting go of who you think you are supposed to be and accepting who you are. Although there are no requirements to be met to be “worthy”, when we rely on what others think to prove our self-worth, we lose the opportunity to own our own story.

The irony of this is that what others think of you is not about you at all, its merely a projection about how they feel about themselves.

Take a moment to reflect on your own experience. Do your thoughts concern your own worries, your own insecurities, your own experience of what is happening?

Understand this is EXACTLY the same for others. When you realise this, it becomes easier to stop worrying about what other people think.

Remember: It's not selfish to love and accept yourself, above all others

· When we accept all the different parts of ourselves, quirks and all we integrate the emotions and beliefs we have that limit us to accept ourselves fully and allows us to create the space within to love and accept others.

· When we put conditions on our love for ourselves, we stop seeing the possibilities, we close ourselves off and don’t appreciate how far we have already come, we miss out on what we have already achieved.

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