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How do I manifest what I desire?

What am I manifesting... how do I integrate that?

The law of attraction relies on the premise that we attract positive and negative things into our life by virtue of our thoughts and actions. Everything is made up of energy and the type of energy we put out will come back to us.

How do I manifest what I desire?

When we WANT something, inherently this carries an energy of LACK. We want something usually because we feel we don’t have it.

For example, if you want more money, a better relationship, a healthy body. Are you focusing on what you do or don’t have?

What are you telling yourself... are you saying "I don’t have enough money for X?"

Be careful, as you could be attracting that exact thing… Not enough money.

Generally the thing we WANT is just a representation of something much much deeper. The more clearly we can identify WHY we want what we want, the closer we will come to understanding our beliefs and our emotional state around what is driving those feelings of lack.

So using the money example, focus on “WHY” you want to have more money. This may translate to a desire “for financial freedom” rather than “hating life because I don’t have money to do what I want, which sucks”.

When we don’t have this sense of lack or need around what we want to manifest, it allows us to be open to manifesting what we desire in different ways, and not be so focused on the “how” it has to happen.

As we become what we think about, mastering our thoughts and feelings to align ourselves is super important. We can begin by asking ourselves “What emotion am I feeling now?” which can help us cultivate the feelings that we want to experience.


The first time you ask, it may not be the positive thought you were hoping for, so keep asking yourself.

“What emotion am I feeling now?”


Practice feeling GRATITUDE, not only for what you want to attract, but all the blessings in your life.

So for the money example, if you believe you can manifest money fast, you can.

Become that person that manifests money easily and effortlessly. Ask yourself, what would someone who manifests money easily and effortlessly do?

Visualise an abundance of money – like the ocean, money is everywhere. Money is available to you and you see yourself manifesting this money. It’s done. See it in your bank account. Experience what it looks like, feels like, sounds like.

Notice how grateful you are and how you feel, having your wish being realised.

See yourself and notice how you look in this picture. Create that perfect picture in your mind.

Remember, you can do this for ANYTHING, not just money, it could be better relationships, healthier body, any area of your life that you feel LACK.

Trust yourself and don’t allow outside influences to discourage you.

The more natural your experience of what your focus is, the faster you will create it.

If you want to know yourself better, clear self-doubt or limiting decisions that you have made that are stopping you from realising your potential to become the creator of your world, contact me for a free no obligation 30 minute consult.

With love and respect,

Christel Quick

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