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Nerves that Fire together, Wire together

Emotions, in particular negative emotions are primal instructions from your body to take action and the negative emotional response is the same as your body's stress response.

When your adrenaline starts pumping, your heart rate increases and you get clammy, your body is preparing you for flight or fight. Your cortisol and androgen levels rise and your sugar levels rocket which drives inflammation and elevates the oxidative stress on your body, damaging your cells.

Mental stress doesn't exist in a vacuum, it takes its toll on your entire body. It can present itself in many forms, such as stomach problems, increased heart disease, headaches and migraines, acne, anxiety, lowered immunity leading to infections, the list goes on....

Being overly agreeable, failing to assert your own rights or needs, engaging in passive aggressive behaviours, suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, are all key indicators that you are suffering from bottling up negative emotions.

I was this person, spending more time feeling sick at work there than feeling well. As I was worrying about everyone else, I wasn't noticing that in fact the person I should be focusing on, was ME. Content with thinking I was "fine" and not realising how completely out of touch I was, suppressing my emotions and thinking to myself... "is this all there is in life?"

I invite you to start your own journey, and like I did, find yourself, reconnect and claim your power.

Let your light shine, be true to yourself, get to know who your are better than you ever have before.

It may seem scary to delve in, but once you get a glimpse, you will know that you too are on the right path...


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