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Who pushes your buttons? Who do you resent?

When we project our own hostility to others, we imagine that they are harboring those same feeling for us - we cast our shadow and then we fight it!

Our shadow forms early in our psyche as we are told how we should and shouldn’t be. When we are praised for good, and reprimanded for ‘bad’ we learn to hide and disown those parts of ourselves. So while we reject the bad, we also push away the good....

Our dark shadow shows up in what we dislike or resent in others, whereas our golden shadow reveals itself in an intense admiration or idolisation for others.

Would you like to learn to face your shadow? It can sound scary, but it’s a transformational experience for anyone who does it.

Shadow work will help you to have: • A deeper love an acceptance of yourself; • Better relationships with others, including your partner and children; • More confidence to be your authentic self; • More mental, emotional and spiritual clarity; • Increased compassion and understanding for others; • Enhanced creativity; • Improved physical and mental health; • A feeling of wholeness.

Shadow work is SUPER powerful and effective. Not only does it provide deep healing, you will integrate and meld together your consciousness with the unconscious, and you will receive back your energy.

This is because, the more shadow we have, the more power we give away… and when we balance and integrate our shadow, we are left with love and gratitude.

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