Payment Plans Available

Are you ready to 

T R A N S F O R M ?

Create a new path from where you are, to where you want to be.

Specialising in Personal Breakthrough's

Quick Transformation - Breakthrough


 Supercharged,  8 hour Intensive

Have your unique needs and concerns addressed in a 1 day intensive transformation.

Includes Intake and Breakthrough.

Create momentum, release limitations and get results TODAY.

Evolve and Transform 

Bridge Over River

Program offered in 2 ways:

Accelerate your Potential (14 weeks)  17.5 hours

(Personal Breakthrough + 6  Fortnightly Sessions)

Master your Potential  (over 6 months) 19.5 hours

12 Fortnightly Sessions

Are you ready to transform your life, relationships, heal your past and unlock your infinite potential?

This program is designed to transform you and level you up.  Set yourself up for the future with clear vision, change the habits that are not serving you, and create the life you want.  Depending on how quickly you want to realise your transformation, the program is offered with or without a breakthrough session.

Longer sessions allow us to deepen the work and explore the many levels of healing available to you.

Quit Smoking

quit smoking.png

QUIT Smoking, Guaranteed 

Guaranteed Quit Smoking Program - Hypnosis (1 session)

No need for willpower, struggle, drugs or weight gain, even if you have smoked for decades, and have tried other methods to quit. Life is to be lived, QUIT the habit and become a NON-smoker

What is smoking costing your family, your health, your wealth, your quality of life?

Understand your WHY


Free 30 minute consultation to better understand what drives you. Are you ready to get on the path to balancing your life?